Tom's Cabin


The silvertone photo of evergreen needled silhouettes was my view of the heavens from the hammock we moved today to get a little shade.

I took the photo while resting up a bit after Sid and I picked, plowed and shoveled the dirt road on the hill up Horny Toad Road today, so that the semi with the 15,000 pound trailer could make it up… And it did!

We promised the driver, Tom, that we would name our first casita that we build after him if he made it all the way up the hill. Amazingly, he did, so now we have “Tom’s Cabin” on the accommodations development list for Hacienda Dominguez.

He said he was new to this route in Santa Fe, one that many drivers don’t want to take because they have to go on dirt roads like this. He knew that we were baptizing him by fire, and accepted the challenge to cap his 27 year career as a driver.

Truth be told, the odds were against him, but he knew that the alternative was for us to shuttle everything up the hill in our truck bedload after bedload after bedload.

I’m sharing a video of his achievement, be forewarned - genuinely ecstatic, I swear like a longshoreman.

In 15 minutes I’m driving to Albuquerque to pick up my father in law and wife. So, time to get back up and get going. Adios and hasta luego.