Embrace The Mystery

Embrace the mystery. That’s what today taught me. Sometimes you’ve just got to go with it, flow with it, fly with it, live and die to live again with it.

Rainbows, arcs, ineffable experiences, unfathomable neural and mycelial networks, consciousness expanding, relationship deepening, releasing, learning to let go, if only because you now know love knows and favors the bold.

Bend down and touch the earth, let your fingers and feet get dirty, take off your shoes and socks and feel the grass again; smell the earth, smell the air, breathe.

Lie quietly, still, till you begin to tingle and let it envelope you like an electric current that intends to consume you and spit you out anew - and cleansed - back into the world, if only to be sullied and soiled again.

These be the random thoughts that lull me back to the middle of nowhere, and yet everywhere, at the same time, for here I lie almost asleep, again.