Today we hung


Today, Tuesday, we hung for much of the day.

I hung out with the dogs, while I looked for scrap wood to recycle into a hat hanger, which I eventually hung in my room with the help of Maddy.

I also hung out with Milo in The Shed playing ping pong for a while after school, and later on I taught and practiced hanging ten with Olivia Luz on the skateboard.

Earlier, in the morning, I hung up a rusty old swinging Welcome sign, along with a matching dinner bell, both of which I had been hankering to hang for some time, but I had been just too indecisive about where.

Likewise, I hung solar lights low on some old stumps, which I placed around our makeshift patio area and along the driveway to Hacienda Dominguez at 36HTR.

And now, I’m just hanging out in my room - reading, writing, and continuing to wonder - “Who ate all the ice cream?”

That all said, one small comment outside our hangman theme here: my father-in-law facetiously suggested I get a gun rack for the back of my truck, to make me a little (more) country like Marie Osmond. Albeit I balked, I did think it was pretty cool and befitting of our new life-off-a-dirt-road that I had a chainsaw and antlers in my front seat for part of the day today.