It's All A Facade


In response to a recent musing I posted regarding the inherent chaos we deal with daily - here at Hacienda Dominguez, our friend and neighbor, Annie, noted “Always looks pretty organized when you show the pictures haha…”

“Looks” is an apropos way of putting it and “haha” is likewise a poignant exclamation. For I will be the first to admit - it’s all a façade.

Granted, not all hope is lost, for a minnow is still a fish, even if it has to fake it - till it becomes a bigger one.

And it’s all part of the transcendental strategy here - for if “I think can, I will” - which goes a long way toward remaining “still” - calm, cool and collected - inside. Or as I love to quote from Kipling, “If you can keep your head - when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you…”

The other day I saw a short video clip whereby a big cat kept cool despite the frantic clawing of another cat and instead of becoming defensive it offensively - and calmly - pawed the other feline into friendly submission. I couldn’t help but think and believe and feel - “I want to be just like her.”

At the time, I had thought to share it, but had likewise thought, “I’m just not there yet.” Despite 53 years of training, I still recklessly react rather than remain calm enough to ponder the situation, so that I may make a logical and positive and helpful decision about my words and actions going forward.

Hence, initially I balked.

But now, after some tranquil thought and consideration I’m sharing this insightful short clip after all, because much of what I do and what we aspire to be here at our homestead is aspirational (if only, for now) - much like meditation teaches us to transcend the chaos of daily life, so that we might make the most of our lifelong strife.

The important thing to know and accept is that this transcendence takes a lifetime of practice - it’s never-ending and sometimes exhausting, as much as it is redeeming and regenerative each and every time.

So, remember, regardless of the noise and the urgency and the sudden mess (after you’ve spent hours cleaning and organizing) BREATH. BREATH DEEPLY. BREATH SLOWLY.

At first, you may only appear calm on the outside, but soon enough that surface serenity will seep in and a more substantive tranquility will begin to form from within, much like stalactites and stalagmites slowly do in a cavern.

And if that doesn’t work for you…feel free to take a swig, a toke or a drag, for life is too short to take it all too seriously.