2021-06-08 Causedeur


I’m working in “The Shed” (2k sq ft hanger), I’ve got my boots on and Footloose just came on… What does it mean?

I’ve been thinking where am I going to DJ? A rave in the cliffs might disturb the peace…But it just occurred to me once I clean up this place and organize all my shit it would be a great place for a Saturday Night Barn Dance! Whatchall think?

NOT TO MENTION…it is Pride Month, we live off Rainbows End, and I was the DJ on the New York Life NYC Pride Parade Float for three consecutive years…(Amazing rainbow photo courtesy of Kevin Neil Lawson)! And my DJ equipment is just sitting there gathering dust…

It’s late, not only New Mexico Mountain Time late, but even later ‘cause in the morning we’re all on New York time once again.

That said, the puppies stopped whining, the chicks aren’t peeping and the children are sleeping. I’m sitting at the kitchen table like a President who just made himself a sandwich at midnight.

Reflecting upon today’s insight, it’s not so insightful, as much as preaching that I’m about to drop on ya…Much as cleanliness is close to godliness; organization is key to success.

Today I finished assembling 14 shelving units, in addition to the 5 other stainless steel units that we brought intact - and what impresses me most is that all the parts were there: that’s 56 top caps, 56 bottom gliders, and 224 legs - not a single piece missing. I chalk that up as a victory for organization. If you just randomly and carelessly throw everything in a box, you’re liable to lose something, break something, waste a lot of time, and “causedeur” some frustration.

I made that up because it needs to be said that we are our own worse enemy. If ya don’t give a shit and don’t make an effort you are to blame for causing the ensuing mess and you’ll have no one else to blame for having to endure all the pain and suffering of your apathy.

Take your time and do it right the first time. Put things back where they belong; maintain and clean and take care of your stuff. Organize and be disciplined.

Anyway, anyhow, time to read a page or two and lull myself to sleep. Goodnight y’all.